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Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain Data and Real-World Insights

Elevating Blockchain Data Interaction. Redefining the way you access and query blockchain data, making it effortless, efficient, and secure. Join us on the journey to seamless blockchain exploration, with our simple query, performant indexing a fast response technology.

Our Partners

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SafeLoop Query

Secure, Advanced, Future-Ready, and Efficient Queries for Decentralized Network

At SafeLoop, our mission is to deliver secure, advanced, and future-ready solutions for efficient queries on decentralized networks. Our unwavering commitment to data integrity has led us to create a state-of-the-art system that streamlines access to intricate blockchain data. Our devotion to elevating user experiences propels us beyond the constraints of traditional smart contracts, facilitating seamless interactions. SafeLoop empowers users to effortlessly traverse the complex blockchain landscape, eliminating the need for time-consuming and resource-intensive methods. With simplified queries, our project boosts efficiency, enabling tasks to be completed up to 80% faster.


SafeLoop places a strong emphasis on data security and integrity. Users can have complete confidence that the information they access is not only accurate but also tamper-proof, guaranteeing the utmost reliability in their blockchain interactions.

Rapid Data Retrieval

99.99%+ Uptime. With our extensive network of contributors, we guarantee uninterrupted access to your application and a constant flow of data, 24/7.


Experience savings of up to 60-90% per month with SafeLoop. Our competitive data market streamlines operations, significantly reducing expenses and the resources required for maintaining expensive infrastructure.

24x7 Support

Our team is always here for you, providing around-the-clock assistance and ensuring your peace of mind. With SafeLoop, you have a reliable partner for any questions or concerns, anytime you need us.

Our Roadmap

Phase 01

Foundation and Introduction

1. Project Inception: The SafeLoop's journey begins with the creation of the SafeLoop token.

2. Fair Launch: SafeLoop is introduced fairly to ensure fairness and eliminate pre-sale bias.

3. Liquidity Establishment: Initial liquidity is provided, and transparency is maintained by burning LP tokens.

4. Community Outreach: We initiate community building by actively engaging with users through social media and interactive platforms.

Phase 02

Building Momentum

1. Official Dapp Launch: SafeLoop Dapp is launched to the public, marking a significant milestone.

2. Marketing and Outreach: Comprehensive marketing and outreach campaigns are executed to raise awareness.

3. Scalability Assurance: The platform is optimized for scalability to meet the increasing demand.

Phase 03

Expansion & Community Engagement

1. Multi-Network Integration: SafeLoop extends its reach by adding support for various blockchain networks and technologies.

2. Enhanced Functionality: Platform features are expanded based on user feedback, ensuring a more user-centric experience

3. Community Interaction: We establish a community forum and support channels, fostering meaningful interactions.

4. Education and Engagement: Regular webinars and events are organized to educate users and encourage their active participation.

Phase 04

Scaling and Optimization

1. Infrastructure Scaling: Scaling the infrastructure to accommodate the growing user base, ensuring uninterrupted service.

2. Advanced Data Retrieval: Research and implementation of advanced data retrieval methods to enhance efficiency.

3. Tokenomics Refinement: Ongoing evaluation and refinement of SafeLoop tokenomics to ensure long-term stability and growth.

4. Market Expansion: SafeLoop explores new markets and territories to extend its presence and impact.

How To Use SafeLoop?


Start by identifying the specific data you need from smart contracts. You can create a subquery to define your requirements or use an existing one, tailoring it to your project's needs.


Test & Improvise

Verify that the query results align with your project's expectations, and make appropriate adjustments to your queries

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Implementation & Integration

Implement the SafeLoop SDK into your web3 project seamlessly. This step enables you to access blockchain data efficiently. Begin by utilizing test keys to ensure that your setup is working correctly.


Serve & Deploy

Generate production keys and ensure the security of your project by keeping your keys and secrets confidential. Your SafeLoop-powered project is now ready to serve your users in a live environment.



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Safety and Certification


Join the Ecosystem

SafeLoop Network, a decentralized data market powered by a diverse and distributed ecosystem of contributors. Our network includes Indexers, Curators, Delegators, and Subgraph Developers, all working together to ensure the robustness of the SafeLoop platform. We welcome your questions, ideas, and collaboration. Feel free to reach out and connect with us. Together, we strengthen the SafeLoop community.

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